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To publish or share?

I was really interested in the discussion that arose from the last PLN webinar as to whether blogging is a form of publishing or sharing. If I’m writing as a professional for a professional audience,  I want to ensure that what I’m putting “out there” is polished, and therefore I view it as publishing. This probably explains why I’m not an avid blogger–it takes me way too long to write something I’m happy to put “out there.” I also believe that  if you want to capture an audience, then you need to deliver something that doesn’t have people cringing over grammatical and spelling errors instead of engaging with the content.  If, on the other hand, my students were using blogs to draft and edit their work, then I’d consider it sharing (student-teacher, student-student) until such time as it was ready to be published and advertised to a wider audience.

So I guess that’s how I reconcile the topic of this post. Of course, now I’ve declared my position, you’re probably poring over my posts to spot the mistakes… please let me know if there are any 🙂